What are the functionalities of Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence enables organizations to understand their customers’ needs, find patterns in their data, and use that information to make better decisions on how they can improve customer experiences.

Business intelligence solution enables the collection and ingestion of intelligence data through enrichment and augmentation. Business Intelligence solutions can handle large amounts of information through collaboration.  

There are 8 types of functionalities in BI:


Business Intelligence solution analyzes the raw data with seasonal, trend analysis, what if scenarios, modeling using different data modeling techniques, and similar functionalities.


The solution provides very comprehensive functionalities for creating reports for a better understanding of the business data. Business users can create, view, modify reports and visualizations online and offline and with other office products.

Real time monitoring:

Business Intelligence solution provides tools to analyze the real-time up to the second operational data to enable the business to take quick and informed decisions.


The solution provides dashboards that help the business to monitor, measure, and manage business performance in a very quick manageable way.


Business intelligence solutions provide industry-standard scorecards to enable the business to measure the key performance indicators.

Collaborative Business Intelligence:

Business intelligence solution provides capabilities to collaboratively share the information with different stakeholders within the organization and outside.

Mobile Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence solution provides functionalities to make the same information such as reports, dashboards, monitoring available in mobile devices.

Advanced Analytics and visualization:

Some of the business intelligence solutions provide advanced analytics and visualization capabilities enabling real-time visualization in different forms and methods and augmenting additional functionalities.  

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