5 Reasons why we love Power BI

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Data is everywhere. Every time we turn on a device, it’s being shuttled and transferred back and forth, downloaded, uploaded, shared, and emailed. We create more data every day. There is so much data we generate that finding ways to make use of it can seem impossible. It can be overwhelming.  

Data itself is simply information. Innovating ways to utilize information allows humans to ultimately make more informed decisions and take more informed actions. This is why we love Power BI. It allows our clients to transform data into meaningful, actionable information that helps achieve their goals. Both public and private sector organizations have important work to do. Power BI helps them carry out that work more intelligently.

There are a variety of business intelligence solutions out there. But here are five reasons why we love Power BI.

1. You don’t have to move your data

By using Power BI, you won’t have to worry about moving data around to make sense of it. Instead, Power BI connects directly to hundreds of data sources from anywhere – cloud, on-premises, within spreadsheets. Wherever the data is or what type it is, Power BI doesn’t care. No matter what you’re looking at, Power BI helps you make sense of it.

2. Visualization

Because of its awesome visualization capabilities, Power BI is undoubtedly its most attractive feature. Users of Power BI can create immersive, visually compelling reports that can be explored interactively and collaboratively. It works well with historical data as well as current data. A Power BI dashboard is a sandbox where users can create, customize, and visualize practically anything.  

3. Works Anywhere Across Devices

In today’s world, working remotely is more important than ever. Microsoft 365, including Power BI, enables people and organizations to work wherever and whenever they want. You can access Power BI’s organizational insights on any device with native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft business apps like Dynamics 365 and Excel.

4. Data Analytics

Power BI allows you to be productive and creative with what you build if you are delivering reporting and analytics to your organization. Power BI Desktop is a feature-rich data mashup and reports authoring tool. You can combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services with visual tools that help you understand and fix data quality and formatting issues automatically.

5. Bring Data to Life

Data from on-premises or in the cloud can be unified with Power BI. Power BI reports and dashboards can be embedded in third-party reporting portals and applications with the help of the Power BI gateways. If users already have reporting portals or applications, Power BI reporting and dashboards make the experience truly seamless.

The term business intelligence has become ubiquitous. Therefore, you should carefully consider the needs and goals of your organization. Several organizations have implemented Power BI for the purpose of connecting data sources into one place, making it easy (and beautiful) for employees to visualize, collaborate, and share data. Feel free to contact us if you need help implementing Power BI at your organization.

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