Human Factors and Patient Safety

Healthcare organizations around the world face the challenge of how to measure and improve their patient safety performance. In the 4 Day Online Course course participants are introduced to human factors and systems-thinking, and approaches to evaluating and improving team and organizational safety cultures.

The Daily Course Sessions will give a thorough understanding of human factors, safety culture and the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework, including how enthuse and engage senior leaders, clinicians, patient safety professionals and regulators in its use. Practical examples and case studies will be used throughout the course to illustrate key concepts. Group exercises will be used throughout the workshop to provide participants the opportunity to share their own patient safety challenges, learn from other participants and apply what is taught in their own healthcare context.

Trainer’s Profile:

Our expert is a Human Factors and Patient Safety Consultant with over 20 years’ experience of improving patient safety. And  co-author of the report, Measurement and Monitoring of Safety, which summarizes the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework. The Framework has revolutionized thinking about how to improve patient safety in the National Health Service. Expert has worked with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, who have implemented the Framework in Canada across a range of hospital and community settings


  • Recognize the importance of human factors science and systems-thinking in improving patient safety.
  • Emphasize how to develop teams and organizational cultures in which all staff groups speak up and share safety concerns.
  • Apply human factors methods and approaches and learn how to improve patient safety.
  • Understand the background and evidence-base for the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework
  • Review their current approach to measuring and monitoring safety, identifying strengths and opportunities for further improvement.
  • Illustrate and share with colleagues what each dimension of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework focuses on.
  • Initiate the introduction of the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework in their own healthcare team or organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief executives and senior leaders
  • Medical directors
  • Chief nurses/Directors of Nursing
  • Senior medical staff (working in a hospital, community and mental health facilities)
  • Matrons and ward sisters (working in hospital, community and mental health facilities)
  • Heads of pharmacy and medication safety pharmacists
  • Doctors delivering community-based healthcare.
  • Community and mental health nursing teams
  • Senior leaders for ambulance services and frontline paramedics
  • Patient safety managers
  • Patient safety improvement specialists
  • Staff whose role involves carrying out incident investigations
  • Nurse, junior doctors, healthcare assistants and other allied healthcare professionals who would benefit from being introduced to the concepts and approaches of the course.
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